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  • Blister Gadgets
    Blister [HDD] Gadget

    Blister [WS] Gadgets

    Versatile Gadgets for Windows Sidebar

    The Blister [WS] series of gadgets, Blister [CPU], Blister [RAM], and Blister [HDD] are some of the first and still best gadgets available for Windows Sidebar.

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  • Thumbnail Swingbar

    Thumbnail Swingbar

    An alternative task switcher

    Multiple windows from multiple applications on a typical multitasker's desktop can easily get out of hand. Window's Explorer has a tak bar suited for a few applications, but even reduced to icons they can still become too many to handle.

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  • TVTweak

    TVTweak Utility

    Edit Xml TV Listings

    Pocket TV Browser is a popular tv-listings application from DoubleBit Software that uses XMLTV formatted xml. Unfortunately it is no longer supported, and changes to the xml schema have hidden bits of information from users. TVTweak rearranges the data so that all the information in the listings xml is exposed to users of Pocket TV Browser.

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  • Desktop Baubles

    Desktop Toys

    Grab-Bag of Projects

    Mainly explorative endeavors, here are several small desktop applications. Included are clocks, a calculator, a magnifier with color id, and others.

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