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  • Blister Gadgets
    Blister [HDD] Gadget

    Blister [WS] Gadgets

    Versatile Gadgets for Windows Sidebar

    The Blister [WS] series of gadgets, Blister [CPU], Blister [RAM], and Blister [HDD] are some of the first and still best gadgets available for Windows Sidebar.

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  • XSLT Duplication

    Duplicating and Editing the Document Element

    How to use copy and copy-of to make small edits

    Need to add one to every index value in your Xml? Misspell a word--a thousand times over? Never fear--use Xslt to patch it up‼

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  • How to Mute a Single Application

    How to Mute a Single Application

    Learn to mute a solo sound source with or without AutoHotkey

    How to mute using the Volume Mixer panel

    The Volume Mixer is a control panel in windows. Most users will be able to access it via the speaker icon displayed in the Windows taskbar notification tray.

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